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Lexa here!

I enjoy all things relatable or cute. A sucker for puppies. A realist most of the time, dreamer for the rest. I do nailart as a hobby and reading as well. I get engrossed in the things I love and take my time doing things, as much as possible never in a rush. Trying to enjoy what life has to offer and being contented with what I already have at the same time. <3
The Fault In Our Stars Nail Art 💙

The Fault In Our Stars Nail Art 💙


when you spell a word so wrong that spell check is like i dont know what to tell u man


I let everyone go because I’m so tired of fighting for people who wouldn’t even take a stand for me. At first it was kind of depressing thinking that I give up on people now unlike before, I realized that fighting for people who won’t do the same to you is like drowning yourself after giving them your lifeguard then they left. I have nothing left to fight for but myself. It’s kind of a lighter burden anyway.

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